Student Owned Businesses Return to The Local


The Local is excited to announce students from the MS Business program are headed back to the market this season! As part of the program, all students are required to participate in Integrated Business Experience (IBE). Throughout this semester long course, students are tasked with creating and operating a business in order to “learn business by doing business”. More information about IBE and the MS Business program can be found online here.

Visit, shop, and learn from these student ran businesses at The Local on October 19. Keep scrolling to meet the businesses!

Millie & Rudder Co.

Millie & Rudder Co. creates stylish and functional pet bandanas available in five different beautiful fabrics and feature a slip-on-the-collar technique. All proceeds from Millie & Rudder Co. will benefit Carly’s Way, a non-profit animal rescue started in memory of fallen Aggie Carly Beatty.

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Tasting Texas

Tasting Texas, charcuterie boards for Texans by Texans, is a company dedicated to providing its customer with a fun and professional way to entertain. Each charcuterie board sold contains a correlating guide with instructions to create an aesthetic board, like where to place the food items, and what types of food to additionally include on the board.

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Tradition Straps

Your bag strap. Reinvented. Accessorize your bag with the Tradition Strap – a strap that is trendy, interchangeable, and will match any outfit! Offering six different types of patterns, each strap is handcrafted American leather. View the collection online here.

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Honeywick & Co.

With a goal to bring the simple and meditative act of candle-making to you, Honeywick & Co. is an at-home candle-making kit. Each kit includes 8 ounces of soy wax, an amber jar, a wooden wick and wick stand, a honeycomb stirring stick, essential oils, and an instruction card for how to make your own candle.

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A multi-purpose storage keychain, Sekure enables individuals to securely store their small personal belongings when they are on-the-go. Sekure features a waterproof aluminum container with a screw on top, key ring, in a small, sleek, discreet design. Visit Sekure online for additional product details.

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Buds Plant Co.

A customizable succulent kit, Buds Plant Co. features motivational quotes and stickers that allow customers to add personality to their succulents. Designed to serve as a vehicle to promote Mental Health Awareness, the goal of Buds Plant Co. is to connect customers with local resources to help end the negative stigma surrounding mental health.

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Stuffed Smiles

Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday, or just a token of appreciate, Stuffed Smiles can be sent as a sign of gratitude to make your loved ones feel special. Each gift box includes a teddy bear, handwritten personalized note, and three feel good stickers.

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Seeds & Sprouts

Selling eco-friendly, all inclusive, aesthetically pleasing indoor gardening kits, Seeds & Sprouts features gardening kits with enough materials to grow up to three plants. All proceeds will be donated to local area gardening organizations.

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Pawsitive Impressions

Pawsitive Impressions sells DIY Kits that provide everything that you need in order to create a PawPrint Keepsake of your pet’s paw. The final product is a resin casting of your pet’s paw, which can be customized and made into an ornament, a fridge magnet, or simply kept as a keepsake!

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Power Punch

Power Punch is a discrete self-defense device for your keychain, backpack, or purse. It’s the self defense device we want you to have but hope you never have to use. Power Punch allows you to be cute and trendy while still giving you the ‘punch’ to protect yourself. Ultimately, it gives you a sense of security without being obvious.

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